Want to be at the FoodFightWrite Bloggers Summit? 

First 50 Applicants Will Have Fee Waived for Conference!
Apply NOW!

Here’s how.

In addition to the traditional information, we are asking each applicant to submit a “Blog” post in which you tell us your story in 750 words or less, making sure to answer these questions:

1) How did you get interested in blogging about food?
2) What is the key to your success as an influencer in food media?
3) Have you had experience as a food competitor? If not, what intrigues you about food competitions?
4) What food do you specialize on your blog? Are you a vegan, Vegetarian, Fan of Bacon, a Sausage-a-tarian? Love BBQ and stop writing about it? Tell us all about your food point of view.
5) How do you feel about competing in the First Annual Blogger Invitational Championship? Are you nervous? Feeling confident? Will YOU be the first to win the Food Blogger Championship at the World Food Championships in Kissimmee, Fla.?!

Once you’ve written your “post” go to worldfoodchampionships.com/foodfightwrite to submit and post as  part of your application – Hope to see you in Florida in November.

Additional details and lodging information: www.foodfightwrite.blogspot.com