World Food Championships Blogger Summit Contest

Scheduled to occur right before the ultimate food fight in Kissimmee, Fla., the World Food Championships and Yummie Nation have teamed together to produce the most unique Food Blogger Summit yet! Designed to parallel and kick off Food Sport's biggest tournament of the year, 50 exclusive Bloggers who are ready to roll out their pens and put on their aprons are being invited to throw it down in the Opening Round of WFC. The fun begins Nov. 2 and culminates with a battle in Kenmore Kitchen Coliseum on Nov. 4. Let's see who can handle the heat!
This fun challenge pits the pen against the pin and the recipe against the mixers as the 50 selected bloggers put their skills on the line for bragging rights and cash prizes!
A day-long tutorial in the Champion’s Classroom on DAY 1 will teach the 50 Summit attendees the art of food sport and the path of a successful champion when it comes to lasting sponsorships, social platform communications and networking via today’s Instagram, Twitter and Periscope platforms. They will get the inside scoop on competing like a champ from our Food Sport gurus!
On DAY 2, the 50 Summit attendees will shuttled to the most interesting culinary headquarters of the central Florida region, where they will be wined and dined in exciting venues with menus distinctive to the area.
And on DAY 3 they will get up close and personal with the DNA of the World Food Championships, as they enter the arena to prepare a special recipe in a challenge that can win them prizes and prestige. Afterwards, while the judges determine he winning recipes, they'll leave in the welcoming arms of Experience Kissimmee to see the community that is a leading destination for Florida travel.
Finally, the evening of DAY 3 will include the bloggers own award ceremony at the official Kick-Off party for the World Food Championships, where hundreds of food sport champions, sponsors, judges and volunteers will gather to congratulate the bloggers and get ready themselves for a week of food competitions like never before!
The only question is....where will YOU be Nov. 2-4?
Will YOU be at the World Food Championships Blogger Summit?
Are YOU the writer ready to put YOUR skills to the test?
If you're up to the challenge, send us your application NOW!
Because only 50 Bloggers will make it....and we can't wait to see who wins the First Annual Food Blogger Challenge!
In no more than 750 words, tell us your story!
1) How did you get interested in blogging about food?
2) What is the key to your success as an influencer in food media?
3) Have you had experience as a food competitor? If not, what intrigues you about food competitions?
4) What food do you specialize on your blog? Are you a vegan, Vegetarian, Fan of Bacon, a Sausage-a-tarian? Love BBQ and stop writing about it? Tell us all about your food point of view.

5) How do you feel about competing in the First Annual Blogger Invitational Championship? Are you nervous? Feeling confident? Will YOU be the first to win the Food Blogger Championship at the World Food Championships in Kissimmee, Fla.?!

Application Deadline:  ASAP
Admission Notifications: Immediately

Where to Submit:

Give us your 750-word application along with the general form information by going to:
The Fine Print

Seats in FoodFightWrite Bloggers Summit are extremely limited. By submitting your application you are indicating both your enthusiastic interest in attending and your assurance that you will participate in the entire three days of Summit activity!
A Few Words about Finances:

There is NO Charge for FoodFightWrite registration this year.
Each participant will be responsible for travel and hotel expenses.
World Food Championships and Yummie Nation encourage all participants to take advantage of the negotiated room rates at 
Accommodations can be easily extended for those staying on for 2015 World Food Championships.